How Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed Will Affect Social Media Marketers

Facebook announced to the world yesterday its plans for redesigning the news feed as we know it. Based on what we’ve seen from the press event and the Facebook website, it appears that Facebook will also be embracing the photo-centric layout that has become the new norm for many social networks (think Pinterest and the […]

2013 Social Media Events You Need to Check Out

If you’re in the field of advertising, technology or media, you know how important it is to keep up with the latest social media trends. We’ve chosen five events around the country that offer plenty of opportunities to catch up on what’s new in social media — while squeezing in some serious networking.

Facebook’s New Graph Search – What’s the Big Deal?

On Tuesday, Facebook gave the public a sneak peek at the new social Graph Search that’s currently in beta. If you’ve tried to use Facebook’s search in the past, I’m sure you know the frustration of being unable to find a friend or trendy new business without having their exact name.

43% of Small Businesses Are Now Using Social Media—Are You?

Nearly half of all small businesses spend 6 or more hours a week on social media.  A recent infographic by Vertical Response shared on Hubspot shows 43% of small businesses have incorporated some of form of social media into their business marketing plan with Facebook  still dominating.

Google+ Unveiled

On Tuesday, Google launched its social networking “project” Google+ (pronounced Google Plus). Like Gmail before it, Google+ is open to users on an invitation-only basis in this early stage.