43% of Small Businesses Are Now Using Social Media—Are You?

Nearly half of all small businesses spend 6 or more hours a week on social media.  A recent infographic by Vertical Response shared on Hubspot shows 43% of small businesses have incorporated some of form of social media into their business marketing plan with Facebook  still dominating.

Blogging is also on the rise, with 55 percent of small businesses investing their time in posting. What’s even more impressive is that almost half of those who are blogging spend around 1-3 hours to write a post.

Finding and posting content seems to be the most time-consuming aspect of social media for small businesses. Finding content your audience will love is a challenging goal, but it helps you become a thought leader and knowledgeable content curator in your industry.

It’s great to see small businesses jumping into social media, but the infographic also shows most executives wish they were spending less time on it. With so many things to do while running a small business, can you blame them?

Most small businesses haven’t really explored Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn yet. I think now is a perfect chance for them to dive in and build a presence before the market becomes too saturated. A simple way to start is to set a goal to create one account per month.

Overall it appears that small businesses are really beginning to understand the importance of social media and how it can help their brand and bottom line. Let’s hope they keep it up!