Trump Tweets: Lessons for Executives on Social Media

    In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss how President-elect Trump’s tweets may change once he takes office. Then they look at a 2016 report by Domo and indicating that Fortune 500 chief executives might not be using social media as much as people think. Overall, chief executives and others in the C-suite […]

Imagine a Social Media 9/11

What would it have been like if all the social networking tools we have today had been available on 9/11/2001? Would social media have helped – or even worked? On this week’s Monday Morning Marketing Podcast, Ilyce and John take a look back at their personal recollections of 9/11 and consider how modern social media […]

How Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

Do you understand how public relations is changing? The old idea of PR was that if you make friends with journalists they will write about you, your product, your event, etc. But we don’t have a lot of traditional media anymore, and old-fashioned business journalists are in danger of becoming completely irrelevant. Bloggers, BuzzFeed, Reddit, and other kinds of news […]

Can Content Marketing Increase Web Traffic?

Content marketing is the latest buzzword in the digital marketer’s vocabulary, but the focus behind it – providing value to consumers – has been present in business strategy for years. In fact, deciding whether a product adds value to consumers is one of the most important factors companies must consider before introducing a new product.

Content Marketing Basics: 4 Content Marketing Questions Answered

Content marketing is here to stay, but many companies aren’t sure how it can help them. Some don’t fully understand what it is. Here are a few commonly-asked questions about content marketing and its impact on your business.