Imagine a Social Media 9/11

What would it have been like if all the social networking tools we have today had been available on 9/11/2001? Would social media have helped – or even worked?

On this week’s Monday Morning Marketing Podcast, Ilyce and John take a look back at their personal recollections of 9/11 and consider how modern social media might have changed their experiences. In the wake of the terrorist attacks, network infrastructure went offline, so the social networking tools we now have at our disposal might not have functioned anyway. And it’s a reasonable question to ask whether the infrastructure underlying our social media tools remains a vulnerable target today.

After that, Ilyce and John consider the challenge of regulating social media. The goal would be to protect social networking consumers, but is it possible that digital natives are capable of protecting themselves?

Finally, you’ll hear both hosts’ favorite political moment of the week. And you’ll learn why “authenticity” seems to be the political marketing buzzword of the presidential primary season.

You can click the audio link below, or download the show via iTunes.

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