Can Content Marketing Increase Web Traffic?

Content marketing is the latest buzzword in the digital marketer’s vocabulary, but the focus behind it – providing value to consumers – has been present in business strategy for years. In fact, deciding whether a product adds value to consumers is one of the most important factors companies must consider before introducing a new product.

43% of Small Businesses Are Now Using Social Media—Are You?

Nearly half of all small businesses spend 6 or more hours a week on social media.  A recent infographic by Vertical Response shared on Hubspot shows 43% of small businesses have incorporated some of form of social media into their business marketing plan with Facebook  still dominating.

What You Should NEVER Blog About

What you say online can get you in trouble. Just ask Cameron Reilly. The Buckingham Palace guard was “relieved of his royal wedding day duties” after insulting princess-to-be Kate Middleton on Facebook.