What You Should NEVER Blog About

What you say online can get you in trouble. Just ask Cameron Reilly.

The Buckingham Palace guard was “relieved of his royal wedding day duties” after insulting princess-to-be Kate Middleton on Facebook.

Not wise.

According to the UK Press Association, 18-year-old Scots Guardsman Cameron Reilly wrote of Catherine and Prince William: “hur and william drove past me on friday n all a got was a [expletive] wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid stuck up cow am a not good enough for them! posh [expletive] am totally with u on this 1 who reely gives a [expletive] about hur.”

Today’s younger generation has grown accustomed to broadcasting their every thought, but when they enter the workforce they are seeing firsthand how that can harm them.

Thanks to social media, your personal and professional brands are linked together and you have to take care of both. Always be aware of this when you are sending information with your name on it into cyberspace.

If you are irritated with a coworker or boss, the worst place to express that displeasure is online. Electronic comments exist forever and can always be found by interested parties. No matter what you think your privacy settings are, your statements are out there and searchable.

And if you are involved with anyone in social media, they will be watching what you say, I guarantee it.

A colleague of the suspended soldier spoke to the Daily Mail anonymously (see, he gets it).

The soldier is quoted as saying, “[Reilly] joined Facebook last year and started posting bizarre things. He doesn’t engage his brain before he types. These stupid comments could not have come at a worse time for him. Serving at the Royal Wedding is a huge honour. He has been incredibly naive.”

Naive is the perfect word.