Trump Tweets: Lessons for Executives on Social Media

    In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss how President-elect Trump’s tweets may change once he takes office. Then they look at a 2016 report by Domo and indicating that Fortune 500 chief executives might not be using social media as much as people think. Overall, chief executives and others in the C-suite […]

4 Ways that Visual Storytelling is Vital to Content Strategy

When you are scrolling through your daily news digest or checking your newsfeed on Facebook, have you ever noticed where your eyes go first? Most likely, your attention is first drawn to the image or graphic that captures your interest, then to the caption below the image. Visual storytelling is essential for content strategy, whether […]

How to Create Shareable Moments for Social Media

One of the keys to successful social media marketing is creating what we like to call “shareable moments”—content that your audience wants to share. After all, one share on Twitter or Facebook could result in more leads, subscriptions or sales if it reaches the right people. According to a 2011 study by the NYTimes Insights […]

The Value of 3rd Party Content

What is third party content? On social media, any content not created by the brand sharing it is referred to as “third party content.” For example, I manage a number of Twitter accounts for personal finance brands, and we regularly share content from other influencers in the personal finance space in addition to our own […]

How to Use Social Listening Instead of Promoting

Opening a new social media channel can be intimidating: You have the opportunity to post anything you want about your business, but what should you say? What if there’s no response? Rather than diving right in and immediately promoting your company, take a step back and learn from your consumers. Focus on social listening—the process […]