Trump Tweets: Lessons for Executives on Social Media

    In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss how President-elect Trump’s tweets may change once he takes office. Then they look at a 2016 report by Domo and indicating that Fortune 500 chief executives might not be using social media as much as people think. Overall, chief executives and others in the C-suite […]

5 Ways Your Content Could Improve in 2015

Content marketing gives brands the exciting opportunity to connect directly with consumers, whether it’s through a blog, a contest, a video or on social media websites. But it also comes with a unique set of challenges. Even brands that are engaging well with a particular audience may see room for improvement in their overall brand […]

Meditation on Tone

Have you noticed how sensitive we’ve all become? It isn’t just that we don’t like being shouted at – after all, that’s what television commercials do. And, it isn’t that we’re offended by, shall we say, “colorful” language. Walk up and down any street and you’re likely to hear words strewn in casual conversation that […]

When it Comes to Content, Deeper is Better

The Internet is a huge, unwieldy monster that never sleeps. From the blogosphere to the twitterverse, it’s a 24/7 hurricane of communications, entertainment and information. It’s hard to keep up with it, let alone nail it down. But we must try.