5 Easy Ways You Can Use Video to Market Your Business

Now more than ever it is important to use a multimedia platform when marketing your business. Gone are the days of using a one print advertisement for the whole campaign (see cool infographic here). In today’s online world we must use pictures, blog posts, podcasts and video in order to keep up with the consumer’s ever-shortening attention span.

Video is especially important. It provides a great medium where businesses and people can reach others on a deeper, more engaging level. With video, there is typically less room for confusion about a particular phrase or message that might be misconstrued in the written form.

Below are 5 Tips on How to Market Your Business Using Video from a great post on Social Media Examiner.

1. Be authentic

While it is important not to stutter or mumble your way through a video, you should not memorize an entire script and repeat it to the camera verbatim. You will only succeed in coming off stiff and impersonal. It is better to have a general overview of what you would like to talk about and paraphrase the rest – that way it sounds more like a discussion.

2. Create video tutorials

This is a great option that allows consumers to visually see a step-by-step process in order to understand how to use your product or service better. It is also a great way to add to the educational structure of your video.

3. Respond to customer’s questions / Ask for video testimonials

I grouped these together because they both address customer feedback. Take the opportunity to thank your customers for their interest in your product while highlighting its best features. In a similar vein, post videos that customers send you giving their feedback – the review will take on more personality and strike an emotional vibe with potential customers. Plus they are providing FREE marketing for your business!

4. Optimize your video for SEO

As much as you want to create an innovative and catchy title, if there are no important keywords in your title or description, you have just significantly lowered your chances of showing up in search. Come up with a title that is both engaging and includes your topic’s keywords.

5. Put together a video series

If you plan on creating multiple videos about the same topic, break it up into a consecutive series that your audience can follow. This will keep people coming back and encourage them to keep watching.

What is holding you back from creating an awesome video? How would you market your business using videos?