The 2016 Marketing Trends Show

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast with Ilyce Glink & John Byrne is a weekly program that leverages the marketing know-how of these two industry veterans to help you take your small business or personal marketing strategy to the next level. It’s time for marketing professionals to put together their “marketing spend” pitches for next year. […]

Monday Morning Marketing Podcast: Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends

Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report is discussed on this week’s Monday Morning Marketing Podcast with Ilyce Glink and John Byrne. In her latest annual analysis, venture capitalist Mary Meeker assesses Internet trends in 2015, starting with how much has changed in the last 20 years. Tech trends in 1995 were being made at companies like Netscape and Apple. Since […]

How to Create Memorable Marketing Moments

Creating memorable marketing moments can help set you apart from other brands. But how do you do that?  “Making something memorable is what marketing is really all about.” – John Byrne The art of repetition is something that’s involved in every single piece of marketing, whether it’s a presentation, a marketing campaign or a piece of content. If […]

When it Comes to Content, Deeper is Better

The Internet is a huge, unwieldy monster that never sleeps. From the blogosphere to the twitterverse, it’s a 24/7 hurricane of communications, entertainment and information. It’s hard to keep up with it, let alone nail it down. But we must try.

Can Content Marketing Increase Web Traffic?

Content marketing is the latest buzzword in the digital marketer’s vocabulary, but the focus behind it – providing value to consumers – has been present in business strategy for years. In fact, deciding whether a product adds value to consumers is one of the most important factors companies must consider before introducing a new product.