The 2016 Marketing Trends Show

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast with Ilyce Glink & John Byrne is a weekly program that leverages the marketing know-how of these two industry veterans to help you take your small business or personal marketing strategy to the next level.

It’s time for marketing professionals to put together their “marketing spend” pitches for next year. So in this week’s edition, Ilyce and John take a look at some possible trends for 2016 in marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Consumers are more informed than ever, so being smart is even more important than it used to be. . The old model of sales, where the goal was to educate the customer, is no longer valid. Instead, selling depends on connecting with a potential consumer or client’s needs, and a smart marketing strategy can help achieve that goal. Content marketing is one pathway to increasing consumer intelligence.

Then there’s what seems to be a “retro” movement afoot in the industry. Digital advertising is out for hyperlocal marketing strategies, while old pipelines such as direct mail are proving they’re not dead yet.

Successful marketing is all about staying ahead of the curve, so tune in to this week’s Monday Morning Marketing Podcast for all of Ilyce and John’s marketing trends for 2016.

You can click the audio link below, or download the show via iTunes.