Print v. Digital: Why Print Can’t Win

By Ilyce Glink The New York Times Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, wrote over the weekend about how the Times newsroom must evolve faster and re-evaluate assets and human resources. Specifically, she honed in on the central problem facing every newsroom: “How to fully transform for the digital future when the business model — and the […]

When it Comes to Content, Deeper is Better

The Internet is a huge, unwieldy monster that never sleeps. From the blogosphere to the twitterverse, it’s a 24/7 hurricane of communications, entertainment and information. It’s hard to keep up with it, let alone nail it down. But we must try.

The New Definition of Newsroom

Season two of “The Newsroom,” HBO and Aaron Sorkin’s take on a television newsgathering organization, began again in mid-July, and the drama/black comedy evokes memories of what we once loved about the media: Young, energetic, save the world mentality, obsessed with divining secrets and outing the bad guys. Think Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, and […]