Wisdom Warriors, by Carol Seymour, Publishing January 2017

Wisdom Warriors: Journeys Through Leadership and Life by Carol Seymour

Congratulations to our client, Carol Seymour, whose first book, Wisdom Warriors: Journeys Through Leadership and Life, was just published! Last year, Carol asked for help in getting two versions of Wisdom Warriors published. She had a firm deadline for a custom edition of the book that one of her largest clients had ordered, but had […]

No Comments?

Popular ScienceĀ (a major U.S. science periodical) recently shut down comments on its site (popularscience.com), because it has determined that comments are bad for science. Research has shown that readers are strongly affected by online rants, which is often what comments degenerate to, which then polarize how people perceive scientific issues. (See the story here: Why […]