Wisdom Warriors: Journeys Through Leadership and Life by Carol Seymour

Congratulations to our client, Carol Seymour, whose first book, Wisdom Warriors: Journeys Through Leadership and Life, was just published!

Last year, Carol asked for help in getting two versions of Wisdom Warriors published. She had a firm deadline for a custom edition of the book that one of her largest clients had ordered, but had other clients clamoring for a separate edition. We organized her publishing team, finding resources to assist with design, production, printing and storage.

One question we get asked often: Why create a printed book when the digital world is upon us? The answer is simple: sometimes¬†you just want to hold something beautiful in your hands. And, if you’re giving a corporate gift, it’s easy to brand it, embed corporate messaging, and make a lasting impression.

Writing a book isn’t easy. Publishing it on deadline is a lot harder. Details matter. We’re proud of the corporate books (and ebooks) we’ve helped publish through the years, for companies like Quill.

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