Building Brand Engagement with Repetition

Message repetition is a big part of any marketing strategy, and building brand engagement is no exception. But in a media-saturated environment, it can be a tiresome device.

What strategies use repetition effectively? Ilyce and John discuss some notable marketing campaigns and how repetition can help brands engage with consumers. They dissect the advertising strategies of political candidates, who use social media to send frequently redundant messaging to their donor lists, as well as the ad campaigns of several large insurance corporations such as Geico, Progressive and State Farm, all of which vary their marketing while maintaining consistent themes to promote their brands. Key principles include knowing what types of repetitious marketing work best for different media and keeping content fresh while maintaining brand consistency.

So check out this week’s Monday Morning Marketing podcast with Ilyce Glink and John Byrne for an analysis of how best to leverage repetition in a marketing campaign and create consistent brand engagement.

You can click the audio link below, or download the show via iTunes.