Content Marketing – Owning The Customer Experience

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning MarketingJohn and Ilyce discuss the steps necessary to successfully own the customer experience from end-to-end:

1. How do you build for the future before it hits? How do you help your customers envision and understand what is the future for their brand?

2. You can’t keep your marketing plans static. John says, it’s the Marketer’s Angst. There are all sorts of ways to market a company brand. But you have to plan for the future, which is more like a gamble. You may be wrong, and you’ll have to plan for that eventuality as well.

3. How do you market without middlemen? Ilyce says the great promise of the Internet was the end of middlemen (or women, not to be sexist). The Internet allows some control of end-to-end marketing, but not everything. It’s also industry dependent. In real estate, you’ve got real estate agents. Will Zillow move in and take over that role? Even technology can function as a middleman and cause all sorts of unique issues. And, that’s how you get back to building for the future before it hits.

4. Eighty-six percent of CMOs believe they’ll own the end-to-end customer experience within a few years. Are they deluding themselves?

5. Continue to test your assumptions. Marketing is a constant cycle and your brand is something you must always work to improve. As John and Ilyce discuss, “a brand itself can’t save a business but a bad brand can sure kill a business”.

John is at a legal marketing conference this week, so be sure to tune in to get the latest, greatest ideas for professional service company marketing tips and tricks on next week’s show.

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