The Best Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

What is content marketing? What are the different types of content you can use? Where do you use different sorts of content, and how do you make it most effective?

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss how to choose and deploy specific types of content based on the needs that you have or the problems you’re trying to solve. Want to drive thought leadership? Use blogs. Want to drive it on a B2B level? LinkedIn is your space. Want to sell actual products? Images and videos are a must. 

But how do you decide what you should be talking about? Ilyce and John discuss how to take yourself outside of your own head and think about what your customers want to hear. 

Marketing is about selling the benefit of the product in addition to the product itself. Content marketing pushes the marketing agenda of a product without a direct sales pitch. Shows like the Auto Show and the International Home and Housewares Show #IHHS2016 do it in an experiential way. Looking forward, will virtual reality take it even further?

Finally, Ilyce and John dip back into politics, discussing an interesting story from Fast Company. Tune in to hear about how candidates are using backend market research for campaign strategy. 

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