5 Steps for Reengineering Your Brand

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss the steps necessary to successfully reengineer your brand:

1. Figure out what your brand stands for. Distance yourself from your personal feelings and try to understand how your company is perceived by your customers and prospects.

2. Research about your brand. What are insights you can gather from Yelp!, PowerReviews, social media, email marketing and other feedback mediums? This research should test your assumptions about the brand. Are you happy with the dialogue surrounding your brand? 

3. Hash out goals for your company. Think big picture – what do you want to accomplish other than just an increase in sales? What do you want to be as a business and how do you want to accomplish that? 

4. Differentiate your brand. Take the insights you have gathered and leverage them to take your brand to the next level. 

5. Continue to test your assumptions. Marketing is a constant cycle and your brand is something you must always work to improve. As John and Ilyce discuss, “a brand itself can’t save a business but a bad brand can sure kill a business”. 

What happened at the Oscars?

Ilyce and John discuss the politics and marketing surrounding the Oscars. For the most part, the Oscars get a resounding “meh.” The one bright spot? Lady Gaga’s emotional performance and message. 

As always, thanks for listening and make sure to join us next week as we discuss the Harvard Business Review and marketing in the age of social media. 

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