The Virtuous Cycle of Content Marketing (PART I of II)

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss the virtuous cycle of content marketing and Facebook’s recent discovery that its users are only 3.57 degrees separated from one another. 

To kick off our discussion of content marketing, we will explore the 4 essentials to executing a successful plan:

1. Audience: Who is your message aimed towards? Make sure you know the age, lifestyle and all other essential demographics for your target consumer. 

2. Platform: How do you plan on reaching your audience? The platform you choose will likely dictate which type of content marketing you use, so make sure to have a variety of platforms so that you can have different ways of communicating with your audience. 

3. Engagement: Once you have put your content out there, how are your users interacting with the material?  

4. Follow-up: How do you know if your strategy worked? What information can you use to improve your plan for next time.  

Next week, we’ll talk more indepth about #3 and #4, because they’re essential pieces of the puzzle.

Finally, we get back to politics. Trump’s gamble didn’t pay off in Iowa – will this alter the brash candidate’s strategy going forward? Plus some thoughts on the new strategies for YouTube and Amazon. 

Be sure to join us next week, join us for our second half of the virtuous cycle of content marketing. 

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