Reputation Management

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss reputation management and how to monitor Google, other search engines and social media platforms for negative information about yourself and your company. 

Getting your name out there can be a tough task, especially in such a saturated market. It can be even harder to earn recognition online if your name is “John Smith” or your company is one of thousands in a big city. 

Join us as we talk tactics for reputation management and a couple of tricks for standing out in a crowded room.

Next, we talk about how to monitor some of the fastest-growing social media platforms and how to leverage them to promote yourself or company. Pintrest is great for “newsjacking” the fastest growing trends online. Snapchat seems to be taking over the world. Twitter’s future (or lack thereof) is looking bleak. 

 Finally we will wrap things up with a discussion about politics. The Iowa Caucus is TODAY! Who will come out on top? And how about Trump’s diss to Fox News? Will his risky decision impact voters’ decisions? We will discuss the risk-reward of carving your path for marketing rather than following standard practices. 

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