Paid, Owned and Earned Media

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss three different types of media: Paid, owned and earned.

Paid media are basically all formats of ads, like display and PPC. Owned media refers to blogging and social media platforms. It might also be an ad that looks like a blog (like a Realtor who pays for a space in a local circular each week but puts a blog in there rather than an ad for her company). Earned media falls into the realm of media relations and public relations.

No matter which type of media you buy (and you’re likely to encounter all three types if you own a business), there is a cost/benefit ratio that you have to go through to figure out which type of media you’re going to buy.

How do you think about it? How should you think about it?

It’s getting more complicated any way you look at it. And, it’s taking more time than you’d prefer.

Then, we tackle marketing in the restaurant world. What happens when you have a big idea? How do you roll it out? And, what happens when it goes wrong? We explore Chipotle and McDonald’s. 

Finally, we tackle politics: Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. Was this a marketing coup – or not?

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