New year – New Marketing Plans

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, Ilyce and John discuss new marketing plans for the new year. What should they include in the way of personal branding and reputation management for senior leadership as well as for companies themselves? Ilyce and John cover it. 

In the age of Google, what will somebody find when they search for you or your company? How often do you check your reputation? This week, John and Ilyce will talk about where and what to check to make sure you or your company has a strong online reputation. And if it doesn’t, we will show you a few tricks to “fix” your reputation and improve your brand. 

Your new marketing plans for the year should include adding to your social media stable. There are platforms other than Facebook, Twitter and G+ that will help you build your reputation.

Did you know that Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform? Do you know how to grow your brand on Pinterest or, if you’re in the real estate space, Houzz?

Depending on your specific industry there may be even better platforms to consider. so when developing your new marketing plans for the new year, you may be better off focusing efforts elsewhere. Ilyce and John also discuss some specialized visual social media channels and best practices to leverage them for brand growth. 

And finally, Ilyce and John talk politics, taking another look at Donald Trump and discussing some lessons we learned. 

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