Marketing by Experience

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce discuss how the best way to keep customers is to make an experience fulfilling rather than focusing on the quality of the product/service. It’s called “Marketing by Experience” or the somewhat shorter version: “Experience Marketing.”

First Ilyce and John dissect Coke’s new slogan: “Taste the Feeling,” which apparently comes along with “Drink the Coke.” This replaces “Open Happiness” as the trend toward drinking sugary sodas is still declining fast in the US and only growing 1 percent worldwide last year.

An experience isn’t just the physical interaction of the sale; businesses have to understand how the consumer interacts digitally with them. Ilyce and John discuss a variety of different platforms including social media, email marketing and other digital tools to reach out to your consumer base. In addition,they provide key points that should help you and your company communicate its message most effectively. 

As we all know, consumers have many choices, and when you’re trying to market to them (particularly Millennials), you’ve got to engage them in a way that evokes an experience.

Your customers can go somewhere else in an instant. How you keep customers engaged while serving them is a key competitive advantage? Tune into today’s Monday Morning Marketing to find out.

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