The Virtuous Cycle of Content Marketing (PART II of II)

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing, John and Ilyce continue the discussion they started last week on the virtuous cycle of content marketing.

To recap, they discussed the four essentials of content marketing: Audience, Platform, Engagement, and Follow-up. They covered the first two pieces last week:

#1:Audience: Who is your message aimed towards?   Make sure you know the age, lifestyle and all other essential demographics for your target consumer. 

#2: Platform. choose the platform that meets the audience’s needs.

Ilyce and John covered the first two in depth last week, so in this episode, they hone in on the final two phases of content marketing:

#3 Engagement, Interaction and Views: How do you target audience segments and make yourself be thought of as an expert in your field? Don’t just focus on what your company can provide on the surface level – get down to the illusive “so what?” In addition, your content should be differentiated based on your audience. And remember, your opinion is valuable so don’t be afraid to let it show when necessary. 

#4 How are people coming to the content and how do you get them to come back? Do simple things like having people follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or on your site with a newsletter. Today’s consumption is more diverse than ever, so make sure to use different platforms to promote because your audience will be on everything.

Above all, make sure you watch the metrics. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Political Segment

How will the Supreme Court change after the passing of Justice Scalia? The Republicans have issued a call to hold off the nomination in the face of an Obama-appointed replacement. What is the marketing value of that? What are they hoping to achieve? 


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