Articulating a Value Prop for Your Marketing Budget

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast with Ilyce Glink & John Byrne is a weekly program that leverages the marketing know-how of these two industry veterans to help you take your small business or personal marketing strategy to the next level.

In this week’s edition, Ilyce and John dissect the decision by real estate investment trust General Growth Properties to eliminate its marketing department. While the policy could be an indication of an impending acquisition, it’s also an example of how marketing is frequently an underappreciated component of a successful business strategy. And as John notes in the podcast, marketing professionals often struggle to market themselves.

What’s the answer for CMOs looking to justify their marketing budgets? Coming up with the right value prop is key, whether you’re running marketing for a law firm or an online retailer. When you can demonstrate a positive return on your marketing dollar, whether it’s a low or high margin, you’ll have an easier time justifying your marketing budget.

So check out this episode as Ilyce and John explore the best practices for how to come up with the right value prop to justify your marketing budget.

You can click the audio link below, or download the show via iTunes.