Media Training for Crisis Communications

In this week’s Monday Morning Marketing Podcast, Ilyce and John pick up where they left off last time with more on crisis communications and the importance of good media training.

The last few weeks have seen several large companies confronting some particularly embarrassing crisis management situations. Volkswagen’s emissions technology PR disaster and the controversy surrounding Turing Pharmaceutical’s decision to impose a steep price increase for the drug Daraprim provide great case studies on how quickly a PR crisis can arise. Implementing a good crisis communication strategy is essential if your business hits a bump in the road, and that starts with good media training. Proper media training will help you stay on message, which is a big part of any successful marketing strategy. But you won’t want to wait until a crisis arises.

So check out this episode as Ilyce and John run through those examples and more to better prepare you for your business’ next public relations crisis.

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