What Does A Billion Facebook Users in a Day Mean to Advertisers?

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook saw a billion unique users log on to its social network in a single day. Should this mean anything to advertisers?

On this week’s Monday Morning Marketing Podcast, Ilyce and John discuss the evolution of the media landscape in the context of Facebook’s announcement. One billion media consumers in a single day is an incredible achievement when you consider that top U.S. newspapers and cable news networks barely crack a million consumers daily. But on Facebook, everyone curates his or her own media, so each user has a unique experience relative to others using the same network. Even as content marketing strategies factor in the new paradigm, advertising dollars have struggled to find a home. For large, global businesses like McDonald’s, the growing reach of social media is a win. But for smaller businesses, the challenge is how to target the right consumers in the midst of all the white noise.

And as an added bonus, Ilyce and John take a few minutes at the end of this episode to address whether Donald Trump’s run for the Republican Presidential nomination has proven him to be among the world’s best marketing minds.

You can click the audio link below, or download the show via iTunes.

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