Building Your Brand with Keywords

In the age of Google, keywords are king. So when you’re launching a new venture, it’s a good idea to begin by identifying the keywords that will build your brand.

Whether you’re a student applying to college or a new business carving out a niche in the marketplace, the rules are essentially the same. Building your brand is about determining the critical differentiators that set you or your business apart, and then developing a reputation based on those differentiators. So it’s easy to see why choosing which words you want people to associate with you or your business is, at minimum, excellent practice for branding. Thinking in terms of keywords can help you grow and refine your brand, which is how you set yourself apart from the competition, not to mention the vastness of the web.

So check out this week’s episode of the Monday Morning Marketing Podcast as Ilyce and John review how some businesses have effectively leveraged keywords to build their brands.

You can click the audio link below, or download the show via iTunes

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