Managing Talent and Next Gen Employees

When you’re managing talent and considering who to hire for your next generation of employees, there are a myriad of considerations. In this week’s episode of Monday Morning Marketing, Ilyce reveals that Think Glink Media is down three employees, including the upcoming loss of her managing editor. Young social media and digital content marketing gurus are a hot commodity, and they have a tendency to move through the job market at an accelerated pace. How do you keep these talented and creative people and how do you find and manage talent throughout the year?

John has managed up to 30 employees in his law firm’s marketing group and on today’s Monday Morning Marketing podcast, Ilyce and John discuss their respective strategies for developing, retaining, and managing talent in the field of marketing. Tune in as they cover topics from the professional aspirations of new college graduates to facilitating professional development for employees who don’t have previous SEO expertise.

When you’re managing talent and hiring next gen employees, Sometimes the hiring decision comes down to whether you need a generalist or a specialist, but Ilyce and John say the best thing is to find someone who can be both. Managing talent requires an ability to adjust to change and see the opportunity that each employee you hire can offer your marketing business.

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