Building Brand Engagement with Repetition

Message repetition is a big part of any marketing strategy, and building brand engagement is no exception. But in a media-saturated environment, it can be a tiresome device. What strategies use repetition effectively? Ilyce and John discuss some notable marketing campaigns and how repetition can help brands engage with consumers. They dissect the advertising strategies of political candidates, […]

How Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

Do you understand how public relations is changing? The old idea of PR was that if you make friends with journalists they will write about you, your product, your event, etc. But we don’t have a lot of traditional media anymore, and old-fashioned business journalists are in danger of becoming completely irrelevant. Bloggers, BuzzFeed, Reddit, and other kinds of news […]

How to Create Memorable Marketing Moments

Creating memorable marketing moments can help set you apart from other brands. But how do you do that?  “Making something memorable is what marketing is really all about.” – John Byrne The art of repetition is something that’s involved in every single piece of marketing, whether it’s a presentation, a marketing campaign or a piece of content. If […]

4 Ways that Visual Storytelling is Vital to Content Strategy

When you are scrolling through your daily news digest or checking your newsfeed on Facebook, have you ever noticed where your eyes go first? Most likely, your attention is first drawn to the image or graphic that captures your interest, then to the caption below the image. Visual storytelling is essential for content strategy, whether […]